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week 1
Buy milk powder for abandoned new borns

₹ 100
week 2
Dance workshop at an orphanage

₹ 100
week 3
Books and stationery for children

₹ 100
week 4
Buy raincoats for cancer patients

₹ 100
week 5
Medicine and supplies for animals

₹ 100
week 6
Modeling clay for visually impaired children

₹ 100
week 7
Musical Celebration at an old age home

₹ 100
week 8
Protein rich diet for the underprivileged

₹ 100
week 9
Sewing machine for rural women

₹ 100
week 10
Wheelchairs for the paraplegic

₹ 100
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YOU have made a difference to 10 high impact causes.
this week’s cause
Sapling Plantation
Dharampur, Gujarat
October 27, 2018
About the organisation

Love and Care is an initiative to offer service and bring joy to the lives of the underserved sections of society. SRLC constantly endeavours to deliver high quality, charitable and sustainable initiatives for the welfare of mankind, animals and the environment.

What are we going to do ?

We have sponsored 3 saplings under the Grow Green Drive of Love and Care. More than 1,000 trees have been planted under this drive.

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